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Recycling? Is there recycling in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach? Yes!

Recycling? Is there recycling in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach? Yes! Yay you! Way to be environmentally conscious. We love that! We recycle as much as we can too when home. BUT what do you do with all that recyclable stuff from a beach trip. Can, cans and more cans, plastic bottles, so much more! Drop them off at the Gulf Shores Recycling Drop Off Center! Gulf Shores Recycling Drop...

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Elevator 411

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Vacation Home Elevators, the 411 Do any of your Gulf Shores beach vacation homes have elevators? How do the beach house elevators work? What if elevator is not working? We have the 411 on a whole lot of common questions and situations regarding private elevators in our vacation homes! Does your beach home have an elevator? Yes, in some limited cases, we do have elevators!...

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Do you allow pets in your homes? Sometimes and only with Pre-Approval

Are pets allowed in your homes? Sometimes, some places, and only with PRE-APPROVAL Do we allow pets in our homes? Generally, no. But we do have some homes were we consider polite requests for furry friends to tag alone. Generally speaking, we only allow dogs, with a limit of 2, and subject to requests for more information, usually starting with AGE and BREED. Some things to keep in mind: Pre-approval...

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Do you provide a grill?

We do not provide grills at most homes Grills are not provided. With the exception of our Jewels by the Sea (Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond) and the Pearl, we do not provide grills. In some locations, we are precluded from doing so by code or HOA, although you are able to have them yourselves. They CANNOT be under or next to the home when in use. Sometimes a home will have...

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Is the pool heated? All about heatable pools

Is the pool heatable? All about heatable pools! Is the pool at a specific place heatable? Sometimes! We have a limited number of homes that have heatable pools. These homes WILL NOTE THIS in the listing. If it does not say anything about a heatable pool, then the homes’ pool is NOT heatable. Heatable pools are VERY rare along the Gulf Coast as they are very expensive to operate and...

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Can I park an rv, bus, or trailer? Maybe, and it depends.

We get it. You want to drive in luxury in an RV, then park it, and live in luxury in our homes! Or you have a big team and everyone is coming in on a bus. Or you like to bring a bunch of stuff in a trailer, because that’s how you roll! We dig it! Can you? Sometimes. So, at our Cottages at Romar, the answer is “no.” SeaRae,...

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