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Night Heron Entry Instructions

Night Heron Additional Entry Instructions: Be sure you are at the right door! In addition to our general instructions on how you will receive your entry code and how to use our KABA locks, sometimes guests get confused at Night Heron and try to open the wrong door! IMPORTANT FOR NIGHT HERON. Each unit of Night Heron HAS TWO DOORS. Be sure you are trying to open the HOUSE door...

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How do I get into the home for my Gulf Shores beach vacation?

Entry Code Help: Getting into the vacation home! ALL our homes are equipped with electronic locks. You are provided an entry code ahead of time, via email, for the times and dates of your stay, and you use this code to open the door. You do not need to meet anyone! BUT FIRST: Guests staying in a Southern Vacation Rentals Managed Home IMPORTANT: Are you staying in a home managed...

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What is provided in your homes? Do you provide X?!

People often want to know what is and is not available at one of our places. Here’s the 411! This list is in addition to our own FAQs and is gathered from the various local management companies that work with us. Please keep in mind that provided/not provided may vary slightly by home and could vary a bit. If you arrive and their is something we said isn’t provide, don’t...

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Can I park an rv, bus, or trailer? Maybe, and it depends.

We get it. You want to drive in luxury in an RV, then park it, and live in luxury in our homes! Or you have a big team and everyone is coming in on a bus. Or you like to bring a bunch of stuff in a trailer, because that’s how you roll! We dig it! Can you? Sometimes. So, at our Cottages at Romar, the answer is “no.” SeaRae,...

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