Are pets allowed in your homes? Sometimes, some places, and only with PRE-APPROVAL

Do we allow pets in our homes? Generally, no. But we do have some homes were we consider polite requests for furry friends to tag alone. Generally speaking, we only allow dogs, with a limit of 2, and subject to requests for more information, usually starting with AGE and BREED.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Pre-approval is required. Requests for furry friends to tag along are a courtesy and by request, in advance, and require PRE-APPROVAL. Please do not decide afterward you want to add one, or worse, show up, as this would be grounds for termination of the leasing agreement with no refunds.
  • Primarily in stand alone homes.
  • Primarily only in off season.
  • Sometimes in duplexes but usually ONLY if you are renting both sides of the duplex.
  • Approved requests are subject to a $250 pet fee, per pet.

Emotional Support Animals/ESAs

Emotional Support Animals/ESAs are NOT service animals and are considered a ‘pet’ for the purposes of short term vacation homes. If you have an ESA, you are welcome to make a request for your ESA to come. Such requests are subject to all approval and fees.

Service Animals (Dogs)

Service animals (dogs), as defined by federal regulations, are always welcome, and we ask you let us know ahead of time that you will have a service animal, that you confirm that the service dog is required because of a disability and to let us know what work or task your service animal has been trained to perform.