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About Us

About Us

Elkins Management & Development, dba BamaBeachHouses, has offices in Bloomington, IN and Gulf Shores, AL. We are a family owned and operated business. We own all the homes we share with people. We have been helping people find great places to vacation and to live for more than 30 years.

We started vacationing in Gulf Shores ourselves in the early 1990s and loved the place so much we bought a home, then another one, and another one. And now we help other people have a great time in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area. Some of us live there full time, sort of retired. Others of us only get to come a couple times a year because our kids are in school. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Who’s who? Bama Beach Houses, Elkins Management, and the Management Cos… The 411!

It’s easy to get confused, so here’s a primer! We own all our homes on the beach. You may run across Bama Beach Houses. That’s us! Our new site. Our old one was OnGulfShores, and it’s still live as we transition.

We own all the homes on those sites and are happy to book them directly to you.

You may hear from folks at Elkins Apartments / Elkins Management. That is our Bloomington, Indiana based multi-family housing office and they help with details and communications.

Local Management

Finally, there are the local management companies that we hire, and pay well, to help ensure your trip is a success. These include Meyer Real Estate, Suncoast Realty, Wyndham/Kaiser Vacation Rentals, Alabama Beach Vacation Rentals, and Vacasa Vacation Rentals. They check in, support, clean, and so on. You will receive more information about your local management company with the check-in instructions the week before check in. They also directly book our homes, so you may run across our places on other sites — those are NOT us. Well, they are, but if you book directly with a management company, that’s fine, but we won’t have any idea who you are if you send a note looking for support. We will try though!

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