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Gulf Shores Vacation Home Snowbird Specials

Heading south for the Winter? Looking for a great deal? Look no further for our Gulf Shores vacation home snowbird specials.

These Gulf Shores vacation home Snowbird Specials, Deals and Opportunities can make your overwintering more cost-effective, and relaxing!

Best bet. Send us a note about when, how long, special requests, and ideally budget.

Snowbird Discounts on Extended Stays — 65% off (or more!)

We offer Gulf Shores vacation home Snowbird Specials with discounted rates for full month rentals during the winter months, and if you take a home for more than a month, we’ll work out something even better with you.

Note you CAN run a search for snowbird dates in our system. It will mostly work, and you will get great rates. I say mostly because there are some caveats in how results will come up….  and I have a few suggestions too:

  1. AVAILABLE DATES. Snowbird rates only apply to the window from right after fall breaks (the 2nd Sat in October, about 10/15/2023 for this year) and are available through check out on March 8th (the 1st or 2nd Friday). There are no exceptions to this, except if a home happens to be open last minute and you would like to add a few days. There are times the system may price a snowbird discount earlier in the year (with check in before October 14th) or later in March. This will only be honored upon review.
  2. Greater than 60 days? We can do that but… if you want a stay that is greater than 60 days, it is better to inquire. Stays that cut across December and into January in particular can have pricing oddities especially if they are greater than 60 days. It will often work, but sometimes not. If you have trouble, just reach out.
  3. Min Stay for Snowbird rates is 28 days in Nov/Dec and 26 days for Jan/Feb
  4. Max Stay is 90 days for most windows… but you can inquire and we can usually work around this! There is also a max booking window on our site to prevent things from grinding to a halt. If you exceed about 120 days, it will only show “Prices starting at…”
  5. Check out MUST be by the Friday before St Patricks in March! The system may allow other stays. They will not be accepted if the check out is past the Friday before St Patricks. To block this, we would have to block your ability to price anything in March. So, we opted to allow it to price, but we will not be able to honor snowbird rates during peak spring break weeks. Sorry!

Some Pricing Tips for the Best Deal

I want to help, so I want you to be aware of some things about how pricing works so you can ‘game the system.’

  • Jan and Feb? If you want all of January and February, you should have check in be Jan 2 or later. If you choose before Jan 2, it will still apply a coupon, but that coupon will be a lesser discount (the one that applies for Nov-Dec, where all the holidays are!). So, run the search on Jan 2 to March 2 for example and it will be less than one for the same number of nights with a couple day earlier check it.
  • Don’t search across New Years! You can check availability, but pricing across Jan 2 will be higher than our ‘real deal.’ So, this is really just a bit more about the Jan Feb thing… If you want a stay that is say all Dec and all of Jan. Run Dec 1-Jan 2 (check out Jan 2) and ANOTHER search Jan 2-whenever. This will show the closest thing to true pricing. Running across Jan 2 will show higher pricing. So basically if you want long term stays on both sides of Jan 2, run them separately. You CAN run the dates to see what is available, but… again that will usually yield pricing that is higher than it will be! We’d love the booking, but.. you can save. In the end, as we said, just shoot us a note too if you want us to do the heavy lifting for you!
  • Holidays. The holidays are busy, and they book at full rate. So, if you can come for a month BEFORE Thanksgiving, or for the window in between Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years, you can save a lot. While you do still get a great discount on long term stays for Nov/Dec, we have to bring in at least as much as those weeks would bring anyway.

Some common long term searches:

January 02-January 31


Jan 2-March 8 (the longest ‘New Year’ stay)

Late Fall (October 15th -Nov 18th)

Need a Smaller Place? We Can Do That!

Have a group that’s a little too small for our big vacation homes? Want to stay in one of our large homes because of location or amenities but don’t need 10-12 bedrooms? We do have smaller places! On Golden Pond #3, for example, is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath located in a nice, quiet community right on Little Lagoon. There’s a shared, private, gated pool and a very nice covered dock. Sitting on the dock of the, er, Lagoon, watching the Tide Roll away!

How about part of a bigger place? Great place. Less $

We may be able to help you out in other ways! Our Gulf Shores vacation home snowbird specials can include special accommodations too! How about staying in part of a home, all to yourself, and paying for only that part? On a very limited number of homes, mostly our Jewels by the Sea, we can let you stay in fewer than the full 10 or 12 bedrooms and only pay for the rooms you use! This is, obviously, subject to availability, but if what you need is a little smaller than what we have, this could be just the thing. These mostly are for those long term guests willing to roll the dice and see what’s left…

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