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Gulf & Gulf at the Plantation Beach Access & Amenities

Gulf & Golf at the Plantation Beach Access and Select Amenities Gulf & Golf at the Plantation is a wonderful, beachfront, 2x5BR duplex (H413 A & B). Located in a fully stand alone duplex building, GG is beachfront, with nothing between you and the gulf but sand and dunes! NOTE, however, that those dunes are important, and protected, so to get TO the beach, you use a very handy, and...

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OGP Beach Access and Amenities

Where is the beach, and community pool and dock, from On Golden Pond 3 and 5? Staying at one of our great, super affordable, lagoon-side homes? On Golden Pond 3, the nice 2×3 bedroom duplex, or maybe the lagoonfront On Golden Pond 5? Awesome! More awesome-r? There’s lots of great stuff in the community! What stuff? Community Pool! Community Fishing Pier/Dock! Even a little community lagoonfront beach. More? Yep. Easy...

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Where is Shells Beach Access?

Where is Shells’ Beach Access? Beach Access for Shells is ACROSS THE STREET at Wits End (1433 West Beach) Wits End is the big blue duplex to the right, across West Beach, when facing West Beach Blvd (the Gulf) from Shells The permanent easement for the EXCLUSIVE use of Shells guests is: Located on the EAST (left) side of 1433 West Beach (Wits End). East as 1, 2, 3. 🙂...

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Where is Casa Playa’s Beach Access?

Casa Playa Beach Access ~3 mins, < .2 mile Casa Playa, 1252 West Beach Blvd to 12th Street Public Beach Access Casa Playa is located at 1252 West Beach Blvd, on the north side of West Beach Boulevard. Casa Playa is directly across the street from the beach and you can see the beach from the decks! Beach access is at the Gulf Shores 12th street Public Beach Access. This...

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