Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Vacation Home Elevators, the 411

Do any of your Gulf Shores beach vacation homes have elevators? How do the beach house elevators work? What if elevator is not working? We have the 411 on a whole lot of common questions and situations regarding private elevators in our vacation homes!

Does your beach home have an elevator? Yes, in some limited cases, we do have elevators!

How to use the elevator!

so, this seems a no brainer… they aren’t any different in terms of buttons and so on that any elevator you may have used. BUT there are some key differences in how they actually work, and things that can go wrong!

Help! The elevator isn’t working….

The big two! Checking doors and not getting on and off and on and off….

#1. Be sure ALL the doors are closed.

#2. Do NOT repeatedly get on and off without going somewhere.