Where is Shells’ Beach Access?

Beach Access for Shells is ACROSS THE STREET at Wits End (1433 West Beach)

Wits End is the big blue duplex to the right, across West Beach, when facing West Beach Blvd (the Gulf) from Shells

The permanent easement for the EXCLUSIVE use of Shells guests is:

Located on the EAST (left) side of 1433 West Beach (Wits End). East as 1, 2, 3. 🙂

  1. Cross west beach blvd.
  2. Pass between the fence (which will be on your left when heading to the beach) and the Wits End home (which will be on your right)
  3. DO NOT use the neighboring driveway or go under the Wits End home. Please be careful of the dunes, and only use the path through them. Thank you!

Handy dandy Printable PDF of Shell’s Beach Access.

Or here’s a google map with walking directions too: