Casa Playa Beach Access

~3 mins, < .2 mile

Casa Playa, 1252 West Beach Blvd to 12th Street Public Beach Access

Casa Playa is located at 1252 West Beach Blvd, on the north side of West Beach Boulevard. Casa Playa is directly across the street from the beach and you can see the beach from the decks!

Beach access is at the Gulf Shores 12th street Public Beach Access. This is ~3 mins, < .2 mile!. We aren’t talking about blocks to reach the beach… ~800ft to the west!

Step by Step

  1. Walk out front door.
  2. Go to edge of street, turn right (west)
  3. Walk to 12th Street intersection. Cross 12th street.
  4. Use the SUPER HANDY pedestrian crosswalk to cross West Beach Blvd.
  5. Take the boardwalk (Stop at the public potty as needed)
  6. You are at the beach!

Handy dandy Printable PDF version

Or here’s a google map with walking directions too: