Night Heron Additional Entry Instructions: Be sure you are at the right door!

In addition to our general instructions on how you will receive your entry code and how to use our KABA locks, sometimes guests get confused at Night Heron and try to open the wrong door!

IMPORTANT FOR NIGHT HERON. Each unit of Night Heron HAS TWO DOORS. Be sure you are trying to open the HOUSE door with the entry code for the HOUSE and the extra fridge closet with with its own code.

THE HOUSE LOCK is a KABA Lock, and says KABA on it. The first door as you walk back is the closet door which holds an extra refrigerator. Please keep going straight and you’ll find the main entry door with a KABA lock.

CARPORT FRIDGE DOOR CODE! Your code for the extra fridge in the door in the carport is 1590# The lock buzzes and turns green for about 5 seconds. You have to open the door in this time frame, or reenter the code. When the door shuts, you have to enter the code again for entry.