What is your policy regarding renter age and restrictions?

Glad you asked! We have a very strict policy regarding the age and nature of guests that stay in our homes.

You must be at least 25 years of age to reserve our homes. The 25 year old must be present for checkin and throughout the stay. For some homes, and under some pre-approved circumstances, we may, at our sole discretion, and only in advance, agree to allow those under 25 to rent our homes subject to additional terms and conditions to include a co-signer over 25, an additional security deposit generally no less than the greater of $3000 or the full rental rate of the home, whichever is greater, payable by check only and directly to us, and provision of a list and identification of all guests prior to check in. We do NOT rent to large groups of unrelated adults under 25 regardless of the age of the primary renter.
Abrogation of any of these terms is a breach of agreement subject to all terms and conditions herein, including immediate cancellation with no refund of monies paid or due and payable.

Two key rules come into play and are in our terms and conditions of rental, and the rental agreement:

  1. You must be 25 or older to be the primary renter of one of our homes AND that person must be present throughout the stay
  2. Regardless of the age of the primary renter, we do not rent to large groups of unrelated adults under 25. Having a few over 25 does not make this acceptable without pre-approval.

We do make exceptions from time to time when people make open and honest requests ahead of booking. These are evaluated on a case by case basis, and subject to additional terms and conditions. Please inquire if you have a special situation.

Under no condition will house parties, over occupancy, or other issues be allowed. Immediate discontinuation of occupancy, no refunds, and damages will be recouped, including any potential loss of rents and good will for incoming guests.

We are well behaved… yada yada… will you consider?

So, you can ASK but…

Although we have had very positive experiences with many groups of young adults looking for a place to unwind, I want to avoid any potential misunderstanding: our home is NOT A PARTY PAD, and there cannot be any house parties. No parties, period. While drinking, spilling stuff everywhere, general mayhem? This you? Or even remotely like what you want to do? Don’t. It will not end well. Don’t lie when asking. Don’t let it get out of hand if you are allowed. Again, it won’t end well.

Most people looking for a trip like yours understand this but from time to time we run into a group that does not treat our homes respectfully. Nothing good comes of that for anyone involved!

In fact that’s why we mostly shut down doing this… but I do have 2 kids in the same age group as you… so I get that not everyone is going to trash my home… but the heartache is pretty significant when folks do because we usually spent a ton of time and money getting them ready during winter…

That said, I am happy to consider hosting groups of well-behaved young people needing a break! So I will consider a request.

I do have several rules and restrictions to allow those under 25 to stay in the home. This protects my home from the small minority of problem groups, while giving everyone else the opportunity to rent a home–something you likely are finding is not very common.

1. We ask that someone over 25 sign onto the lease agreement prior to checkin. This person does not need to stay in the home and in almost all cases should be a parent. Sometimes we require more than one…. depends on the situation, size of home and group, etc.

2. A Refundable Damage Deposit. While most of the groups we agree to allow stay in our homes leave them as they found them, we do have problems occasionally, and those problems can be expensive. Historically, we have required guests such as yourselves to pay a Refundable Damage Deposit equal to the amount of the rental, or $3000, whichever is greater (so a $6000 rental has a $6000 refundable damage deposit). Expenses add up quickly. Damaging a couch alone in a rental unit can cost > $3000 to replace. Trashing a home is often $10s of thousands of dollars to fully clean and repair, and can impact incoming guests too, which is expensive if we can’t accommodate them on time, or it impacts their experience….

This refundable damage deposit is an additional payment of a damage deposit made only by check or e-check directly to us as part of reserving the home. This is FULLY REFUNDABLE PROVIDED THERE IS NO DAMAGE OR EXCESSIVE CLEANING OR WEAR AND TEAR. Please understand that this is not a get out of jail free card. If you cause a lot of damage and exceed the amount of the deposit, you and all guests will be held responsible. Provided there is not a problem with your stay, your deposit will be accounted for and returned approximately 2 weeks after your stay.

3. To protect everyone involved, we require, prior to check in, information on all guests staying in the unit (and subject to occupancy limits).

4. The stay generally must be for a minimum of 6 nights and preferably start OR end on a Saturday. No 4 night, over the weekends. And summer must be Sat to Sat.

5. Generally I will NOT allow a max occupancy on a home for these exceptions and if folks show up above an agreed to occupancy when I approve it, you will be asked to leave. Why? 22-26 young adults in a 6 bedroom home is just not a great idea.

I hope it also seems reasonable given you are asking to stay in a home often valued over $1 million dollars and that we know little about you! If it seems harsh or unfair, then all I can say is… look elsewhere as most folks won’t even consider these requests.

In short: “Good news! YES, sometimes we will still allow folks under 25 in my home. We need someone over 25 to sign, pay a refundable damage deposit, and provide guest identification” easy peasy.

In the end, because Gulf Shores is also a family friendly destination, you have to ask yourself whether, if you happened to be in a place right next door to families, you would be compatible? This doesn’t mean you have to be quiet and I do understand that some folks are just not reasonable, but… would you be compatible with a reasonable family with say younger kids. I try to avoid putting potentially incompatible groups next to each out… but it could happen…

OR… well… sorry! As much as I’d like to help, these are not party pads, and the heartache and hassle is simply not worth it!