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Not getting emails?! How to Whitelist or Safelist our email address.

Don’t be THAT guest. Whitelist/Safelist our email address so you get the 411 you need!

You want to be able to get into your awesome vacation home, right?

We want that to go smoothly too!

We send all messaging from beachtrip@bamabeachhouses.com, INCLUDING confirmation and check-in information.

Some of these messages are long and include a lot of personalized data and account information, like payments and days etc.

These can land in spam.

To ensure it does not, you should “whitelist” or “safelist” our email address. This is handled a lot of different ways base on your email provider. Its usually as simple as adding that address as a Contact but it does vary.

Don’t know how? Here are a couple great job aids for different email providers.

This one is quick and covers the main providers.


This one is a lot longer and has many of the less known email providers.


Don’t be that guest. You know the one. The one who hasn’t gotten any messages. Doesn’t think about it until they are standing outside our door and then calls an emergency line (and not the management co). That’s not a good thing. Of course we are sending lots of emails. That’s how I roll… Don’t be that guest. 🙂

In the end, if you are not receiving anything from us directly, something is wrong! Reach out, we can help!

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