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What’s my WiFi Login?

For most of our homes, you should see an SSID that starts with BamaBeachHouses- followed by the name of the home.

FOR EXAMPLE, BamaBeachHouses-Seafoam

The Password is


The is the S is CAPITALIZED and it is followed be a ‘1’ and a ‘!’

What if I don’t see the home SSID?

What if I connect to the network but can’t access the Internet?

General troubleshooting

Find the modem and primary router.

In most homes, this will be in the kitchen on the counter or in the living room by the television. Most homes will have two devices located there. A black modem and a white Eero wifi router.

Unplug the power from the modem and from the white router

Wait a minute. Plug in the power to the modem. Wait for all its lights to come on and stay on. The Internet connection or DS/RS or similar light should come on and stay on. If they do not, there may be a connectivity issue in the area and outside the home.

Once it is back up, plug the Eero in. Its light will eventually turn to white and either stay that way or turn off. If it does not, and if it turns RED, there is a connectivity issue either with the internet (see modem above) OR between the Eero and Modem (check/replace the ethernet cord between the Eero and modem)


DO NOT EVER EVER RESET THE ROUTER WITH A PAPERCLIP. I will know. I will charge you $250 for thinking you know what you are doing. Just don’t do it. Especially on the Eeros. You will not be able to fix it. Someone will have to come by and reset it. You’ll be charged. Don’t do it.

Contact us

If you cannot get it to work, send us a note. In most cases, we can easily check whether the modem and router are online. If they are, then it is a user issue, and perhaps you have the wrong SSID and Password (see above though, as they are fairly standard now).


What if the internet is slow or intermittent?

Too far from the routers

Need to reset the modem