Do you offer trip insurance?

We DO offer travel insurance and strongly suggest you consider it!

Planning a trip can be a bit nerve wracking, and you may worry about what happens if you need to cancel. We totally get that. We offer travel insurance through a third-party partnership during booking or afterwards (there are limitations to how close to the date of the trip insurance can be added though!). We are not the insurance provider, and we cannot answer questions about coverage as we are not the agent. They are happy to assist from sales questions through use of the policy.

Why get insurance? Hurricanes, illness, job loss, more!

If something interrupts your trip, whether that is a named storm, a last minute illness, or other things. You are on the hook even if you can’t go. Travel insurance can often save you.

You can purchase both travel interruption insurance and Cancel for Any Reason insurance as part of your reservation booking, or it can be added afterward.

Here’s a portal from the insurance company with more information:

Things to Consider

Do you want coverage for death/sickness cancellation and trip interruption for hurricane evacuation etc?

Or do you want coverage “for any reason” CFAR?

The latter costs more. It INCLUDES travel interruption insurance (and all the benefits and limits therein) BUT also allows for cancelling for any reason. However, if you use the CFAR part then coverage is limited to 60%. That is, with CFAR, if you cancel for a covered reason (a named interruption) you’d be potentially eligible for 100% of your costs as you would under the standard policy but you also have the option to cancel just because you feel like it… and CFAR  covers up to 60% of that…

Will it actually cover the situation(s) you are worried about? People sometimes assume something is covered (COVID!) but don’t ask. Ask the provider about your specific concerns. You don’t want to find out the coverage you thought you had, you really don’t have!

Insurance will NOT cover you for a hurricane if you buy it AFTER the storm has been ‘named’ — people do this and get mad when the insurance co won’t cover them. Don’t be silly. If you could buy insurance only after a risk is known and loss incurred, the insurance companies would fast go out of business.

Most policies cannot be written close to the date of the trip (well after you’ve paid for everything) and, while it should go without saying, if you already know you think you want to cancel and then you get the policy specifically to cancel and be covered, well, that’s kinda sketchy at best.

We would love to hear from you if you have good (or bad) experiences, though, so we can help other vacationers!